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The Best Tips For Designing Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have been in use for some decades, and they were introduced as a measure to help recognize individuals who stood out in the military. In modern times, the challenge coins are not only used as a token to appreciate firefighters, policy, and veterans who have sacrificed a lot to offer their services to our country, but they are also being used by organizations and companies to help recognize individuals who stand out among their peers. The custom challenge coins will not only work to represent a unique and distinguished unit, but they also enhance the morale of the recipients where one will carry them with pride.

While the custom challenge coins at are used to enhance unity in your team and also recognize the standout performers, the design of the custom challenge coin plays a vital role in helping you achieve this goal. It is the design of the custom challenge coin that will help put a sense of belonging to the team and also work as a unifying factor. Here are some helpful ideas to keep in mind when out to design a custom challenge coin for your organization.

There is a need to have a balance between the message that one wants to convey and the imagery. Imagery is considered the most critical part of the process of designing the custom challenge coins. However, one ought to keep in mind the message they are looking to convey. When one is looking to design a challenge coin that will signify a championship win, it is desirable that they include a trophy as part of the existing imagery as this helps convey the overall message. Be sure to view here!

Even though one will be looking to send a message with the use of challenge coins, it is advisable that one limits the use of text. The best way to have a custom challenge coin clearly conveying your message is to keep the coin clean. In most cases, one will need to use a large coin size, have the text around the border of your coin in a circular fashion and also shorten the text or use abbreviations to keep the coin neat.

At times, one might want to save time by choosing a pre-made flash art to convey the message. However, when one is looking to design a custom challenge coin, there is no doubt that you want to reflect the mission, goals, and values of your team, and this will need you to come up with a custom design. For more ideas about challenge coin, visit

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