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Police Challenge Coins: See What You Didn’t Think or Know About Them



Although some people have heard something about police challenge coins, not many of them can give elaborate details on what they are and why they were used. These coins are small medallions containing a logo, insignia, or emblem of a unit associated with law enforcement. Most police officials carry these challenge coins today in various countries across the world. The coins are used to honor those who serve in law enhancement units and boost their morale. It is believed that the Romans used the police challenge coins to reward their hard-working soldiers and the military later adopted them. It’s amazing that the same coins the military used to instill camaraderie and pride are the same the police units in the country use today.


It’s no doubt that the police challenge coins have become popular today, and most cities create their own challenge coins to appreciate and reward the women and men in blue for their hard work. It’s also believed that the challenge coins were also used during World War I, even if some other stories state that the coins were also effective during the Vietnam and Korean Wars. Besides being used in law enforcement agencies, these coins were also used in government. This happened because many veterans prefer a law enforcement career after service. Know more about Police Challenge Coins here!


You need to understand that the designs and size of the police challenge coins at have been changing over time. The challenge coins come in different shapes and size today, and their use is getting diverse each day. You aren’t restricted to design your challenge coins as you wish based on how creative you are. Your main concern should be ensuring that the core message communicated across the marketing efforts you have is consistent. Even though these coins are a good way to recognize the efforts of a law enforcement unit member, they also ensure that unity is instilled within the unit.


Most people come to know the story behind the unit through these coins. You will discover that most of these police challenge coins are not displayed anywhere but only in some important places. The challenge coins help the unit members to feel that they are special to the group and that they belong. The challenge coins aren’t just meant for the police officials. Anyone else contributing to the growth and welfare of the community can use them as a way of recognizing their efforts. Most of the police officer with the challenge coins are those with some memorable events. You can also watch this video at for more details about challenge coin.

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